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We are committed to physical therapy practice supported by the best available scientific evidence, experienced planning, informed decision-making and delivered with the athlete at the center of it all.

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Quite simply, we are different.

We specialize in treating competitive athletes with lower extremity injuries and have a special interest in ACL rehab.

We will provide the most effective rehab experience available centered around the unique needs, motivations, and goals of the competitive athlete for FULL return to play.


The Laurus Difference

Expert led

1-on-1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy with deep experience in successfully guiding high level athletes back to their sport. No aides or assistants. We commit to your journey with you & you benefit from the 1000s of highly competitive athletes we've rehabbed ahead of you.

Patient centered

100% Independently-owned & operated - the patient is at the center of equation, not a large orthopedic group, corporate investors or insurance companies.

We deliver a completely customized rehab plan built specific to your unique needs.

Data driven

We've invested in technology that is relevant & use it regularly to guide decision making as part of private facility built specifically for the competitive athlete.

Athlete culture

You will be surrounded by other like minded athletes and we promise a proactive philosophy - you will be pushed.

You are also expected to do your part!

Out of Network

Rehab is directed by the needs of the patient, not the needs of an insurance company.

For this reason, we do NOT bill through insurance. We do take HSA/HRA and can provide you with receipts for you to self-submit.

The Gift of Time

Our model was built for quality of patient experience, not quantity of patients seen.

As a result, we have the TIME to effectively plan, communicate, and implement YOUR rehab from start to finish.

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