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Performance Training

Our signature program with expert coaches for the competitive athlete seeking to become more injury resilient, more explosive, and more physically prepared for sport.

  • Program built to you!
  • Flexible scheduling
  • No long term contracts
  • Complimentary acute injury assessments

Monday – Friday (No Wednesdays) 
6am, 3:15pm, 4pm, 5pm

8:30am *starting 9/9/23

Monthly rates:
3x/week: $250/mo
4x/week: $300/mo



Legends Training

A specialized offering of our signature performance training tailored to adults with the former college athlete in mind. You still want great workouts planned out and led by expert coaches along with a challenging goal-driven environment …but minus the fitness tests and stress!

  • Program built for you!
  • Flexible scheduling
  • No long term contracts

Monday-Friday (No Wednesdays)


Monthly rates:
2x/week: $195/mo   



Physical Therapy

1-on-1 physical therapy expertly planned and specific to the needs of the competitive athlete.  No aides, no assistants.

Our rehab is directed by the needs of the patient, not the needs of an insurance company. For this reason, we do NOT bill through insurance.


By Appointment Only.

Initial Evaluation: 
$175 (60 min)

Follow-up Appointments: 
$130 (60 min) / $65 (30 min)

Compass Evaluation: 
$250 (90 min)

  • Built specifically for athletes following knee surgeries seeking an expert 2nd opinion and a clear picture of where they stand with return to play progress.
  • Includes full review of metrics, recommendations and guidance – athletes will be provided with an industry leading report on their status developed over a decade specifically for this situation.

ACL Excellence – All Inclusive Rehab Experience
  • By application only

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